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‘The Dirty Picture’….I am sure most of the people have seen this film…..but do you know the film is based on the life of South sensation ‘Silk Smitha’.
This film is structured on the real life of Silk Smitha produced by Ekta Kapoor [ Arre, wahi saas- bahu serial waali ] in which Vidya Balan [ Vidya is truly a tremendous & most talented actress of film industry ] has represented Silk Smitha’s real life which was not so sexy as recognized by general viewer and it has covered the other side of Silk Smitha’s life and Silk Smitha’s Death which was lonely and tragic.

Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati, known popularly as Silk Smitha was an Indian film artiste who worked predominantly in the South Indian languages.
Vijayalakshmi (her actual name) was born in a poor Kamma family in Eluru, Andhra Pradesh. She left school after her fourth standard (in India, at about 8 years of age) due to the family's financial constraints. Her striking looks burdened her with uninvited attention, and her family married her off at a very young age. When she was ill-treated by her husband and in-laws, she ran away to Madras (now known as Chennai) and started living with an aunt.
She entered the film industry as an extra actress, and first got noticed for her role as "Silk" in the 1979 Tamil film Vandichakkaram. She became a sought-after 'erotic actress' in the 1980s and in a career spanning 17 years, she appeared in over 450 films in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi languages.

Silk Smitha’s dance numbers, semi-nude scenes and bold performances in films like Moondru Mugam made her the ultimate symbol of sensuality in South Indian cinema. Her item numbers in films like Amaran, Hallimeshtru Kannada were also celebrated at the box office. Some film critics, historians and journalists have referred to her as a "soft porn" actress.

I have never watch the movies of silk smitha except ‘Sadma’…but I am sure she must be a very bold & courageous lady of her time who dares to expose her body  & her sensuality makes men to see her films again & again because men in our country want to enjoy every bit of sex scene in movies.

….by-the-way it was not easy in those days to perform the way Silk did.
Silk smitha’s  audience-drawing power was outstanding. 

Unfortunality, on September 23,  1996, Smitha was found dead in her Chennai apartment. In the prior year she had been trying to move her career to become a film producer. Financial problems, a disillusionment in love and an alcohol dependency apparently led to depression. It is suspected that Smitha committed suicide by poisoning herself.

Silk Smitha dared to be different and that is how she was able to create a niche for herself.It's not an easy thing to get so comfortable with your body in front of a camera. Silk was not fair, she didn't have  a toned body, yet men dreamed about her. There must have been something special about her that made men fantasize. She started a trend that was followed later by other newcommers in South film industry. Since Silk started it, she made people accept it, she was rumored the most. Nobody would comment on the girls who copied Smitha later and dreamed of getting similar fame. Actually, she was a trendsetter. She knew what she was doing and she did it with perfection.

Silk was really a very courageous & daring woman who lived life on her terms .If we observe her life and struggles she faced, we should appreciate her and be apologetic about the way society left her after her death.

Silk smitha  proved that she was not fake. It is not the question whether we appreciate for her reel life or real life ,the question is do we speak & accept truth in our own life about ourself.….she was not ‘dirty’ but our mind is dirty . She was an artist and whatever she did was not just with a view to display of her assets but to display the sensuality of the female form. She struggled a lot in her life, we don’t have any rights to say Silk is shameless or dirty  because every one has  special qualities, and they have their individual rights to achieve their dreams .Everybody has right to choose and  she choosed to made utilization of her body to fulfil her dreams. She is the one sexy & intelligent lady who ruled South.

Silk Smitha should be remembered  for the spirit to transcend all barriers rather than just an object of desire.
May god rest her soul in peace.

& hats off to Vidya for giving such a wonderful tribute to silk smitha through ‘The Dirty Picture’

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  1. thanks for sharing this article ...hats off to u dear for your honest literary work & your respectful attitude towards women.....keep maintain this glory

  2. i came to know about silk smitha by 'the dirty picture' but i become really empathetic for her only after reading this post written by u -the cutest boy....'Rishabh Shukla'

  3. if she has done bad,,, y not to say it,,, instead potraiting her as brave is not fair,,, anybody hungry for fame and servival would get nude... thats in fact unfair with talented actresses.