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Madhubala – Ek Naam Ek Pehchaan

Madhubala – Ek  Naam  Ek  Pehchaan

The name ‘Madhubala’  reminds us one of the most influential and talented Hindi movie actresses....yes I am talking about none other than the legendary actress Madhubala. Beautiful, charming, attractive, magnetic & a very excellent actress of bollywood .....many actress come & go in bollywood but the industry never fills the place of Madhubala.....She was a fairy without feathers ...she was an angel , incarnated  on earth to entertain us ,to give us happiness & to explain the true meaning of beauty.....Madhubala is the other name or we can say a synonym of beauty.
Lekin ye kya abhi kuch hi dino pehle , I saw a promo of a new TV serial on Colours.....The complete name of this serial is ‘Madhubala -Ek Ishq Ek Junnon’......... 

I was wondering if the channel is going to reveal the life of the legendary actress on television...its quite interesting & at first sight I was so happy to see the promo of a TV serial on the heartthrob of many people Madhubala which is just like a surprise gift wrapped with many flowers but after a second's thought I felt this gift will definitely wrapped with artificial flowers except the real one ....aur jab original ko theme bana ke packing hi artificial hai to ander rakha gift na jaane khusiyon ki sauggat laega ya dher sara afsoos...
I am sure the above example of ‘gift wrapped with flowers’ is not quite enough to explain what I am talking about & what I mean...but just for your reference I would like to tell you all , here I use the term GIFT for this serial , WRAPPED WITH FLOWERS for the glamourise promo which most of us had already seen on colours channel......

Madhubala's role will be played by Drashti Dhami [Arre apni Geet jo pehle hi parayi ho chuki hain Starone se].....She is undoubtedly a beautiful girl & a good actress but sorry Drashti no offense please ......I would like to ask you all ….Is she really to be compared with Madhubala.......of course, nobody can be comapred with her...even nobody can be like her because she was exceptional..............                                                   

Chalo Drashti Dhami ek baar full effort kar bhi le par there is no guarantee that the producer of this serial will not add ‘Masaala’ on the show to enhance the TRP.
Of course, by using the name of legendary actress Madhubala 99.9% chances of highest TRP is already fixed .Then choosing ‘Geet hui sabse parayi’s fame Drashti Dhami is again a plus point for the serial.
so, fans of legendary actress Madhubala + fans of Drashti Dhami = No. 1 show of Indian television

Ye formula to definitely work karega.....aur profit hoga producers , directors, actors , crew members & the channel....A very great strategy & plan with a but.......kya guarantee hai ki Madhubala ki life journey ko serial ke producer sahab ‘Mirch Masala’ laga ke nahi dikhaenge........Madhubala  jaisi great actress ki life main ‘Tadaka’ laga ke  parosna, audience ke saath dhokha nahi jo unki life ke baare mein jaanna chahti hain, iske alava  Veer Shivaji which is going very well with Dr.Amol kolhe who is playing the lead role [ Veer Shivaji ] going off air very abruptly ?????
chalo baad mein agar Madhubala  serial ke producer Saurabh Tewari ye daleel dete hain ki ye serial Madhubala par nahi which if I am not wrong, wo keh bhi chuke hain in front of some media    people........then why they promote the serial with the name of Madhubala  ?????

According to the Producer Mr.Sourabh tewari, "We were very clear in our communication from day one. The first promo starts from 1991, so neither Madhubala was born in 1991 nor she passed away then... And moreover there is no written fact that anything of that existed between the two (Madhubala and Dilip Kumar). Dilip saab is a living legend and we don`t want to draw any controversy by defaming anyone.
"The moment we called it Madhubala, and it is about a girl who falls in love with a superstar there were these assumptions and we have been denying it through out,"

On being asked how did they come up with the title ‘Madhubala’, Saurabh said, "We named the show ‘Madhubala’ 15 days back... We started writing it and initially debated that should we call it Meena Kumari or Madhuri... Then we started shooting episodes and still calling it various names but none of these names were giving that punch so we decided to name it ‘Madhubala’."

ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha……. Mr. Tewari you are great & we are idiots .....hmmm…  assume it keep assuming  your rubbish assumptions about the viewers..... Mr. Tewari …….for your kind information, its a very cheap & old fashioned way of marketing & filling pockets by using the name of legendary personalities  to promote one's  own stuff & everybody knows about this.

let me crystal something in front of u all reading this post ....I am not  vomiting  my frustrations through this post ……May be serial jab on air ho ,we all get a wonderful surprise with the genuine & good results....but agar main year 2006 ki baat karoon to ek ‘B’ grade movie aai thi With the title ‘Madhubala’.....that movie was  based on the inside story of bollywood .........

if I have to define this film in one word I would say it – CRASS…..believe me , such a  thoughtless & vulgur film based on casting couch I have ever seen …….& the film name is Madhubala????? Iske peeche kya thought tha …I don’t know……aise topics par film banai jaegi aur logo ko misguide karne ke liye us film ka naam  industry ki top actress ke naam par rakha jaega…what’s that??? Isn’t it cheap & disgusting……..The Film maker can come up with the title like,  ‘The darken world’ or something else …….but  they only  prefer the title ‘Madhubala’.

Take one more example , abhi ek film aai thi ‘Mere brother ki dulhan’ .Film was okk…..but that song 
‘Panghat pe nache re nache madhubala’….. what kind of song is this ????? aur is mein ‘Madhubala’ kahaan se aa gai ?? I know most of the people love this song but main apni baat kar raha hoon…….. ……chalo song composer ne koi paap nahi kiya but madhubala ke naam aur unki  image ko use karke profit to khoob banaya….????

Aur ab same formula is TV serial main bhi repeat kiya jaa raha hai……….

Oh !!  how can I forget to mention the fact that Mr. Vivian Dsena is also in this serial ….Vivian Desna [ Mr. vampire ]………promo mein unhe dekha ……apne chehre par itna make-up apply kar rakha hai ki kuch jyaada hi over snow-white ban gae hai……Drashti  se bhi jyaada fair complexion ho gaya hai unka…….aur itni lipstick Drashti Dhami  ne apne lips pe apply nahi ki hogi jitna orange lip gloss Vivian ji ne apply kiya hai !!!! uffff  itna desperatepan……..chalo bhaiya intejaar rahega 28th may 2012 ka ……… we all know how  Vivian dsena acts……. So saari expectations to Drashti Dhami se hi hai……Hope she will do  justice with the legendary actress & I pray to god ki ‘Madhubala’ ke naam ka maan hamesha rahe kyunki unka naam aaj bhi ek pehchaan hai, ek ishq hai ….ek junoon hai………mere jaise kitne hi fans ke liye.

This is Rishabh Shukla signing off.

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  1. sabse pehle ............ i disagree that madhubala was the onyl actress who was msot beautiful.
    recently i had seen a comparison between sophia loren and monica belluci. the arguments they produced ridiculign monica and extolling sophia were much teh same. but any which way i looked at teh two of them. i coudl nto help but notice, monica belluci was much mroe beuatiful than sophia loren. it just depends on personal taste. u just cannot go on makign such comparisons and speak on behalf of all the public. beauty wise drashti shami is more beautiful than madhubala.
    why shudnt she be? just becuase she is not a cinema legend dsnt make her less beautiful. to my eyes she certainly is more beautiful than madhubala.
    beauty leis in th eyes of beholder. kahir coming to the name and ur objection ............ madhubala was not madhubala's real name. so i dotn see why ur atatching so much importance to it , trying to make it into a copyright of sorts. itna react jara hindu gods ke misuse pe karo to jada theek hoga. also madhubala is nt based on DK and MB. and thank god for it.the story just does not have any element of dilip - madhubala affair. why shud eb believe it has just becuase of a name? who wants to see their tragic love story? no1.

    1. first of all go & learn the meaning of BLOGGING ....then give your rubbish feedback on anybodys's blog......i am not talking or writing on behalf of the public ..i m sharing my personal opinions & views on this serial ...... first read the article carefully because u r raising the points which r really rediculous ...u r simply talking rubbish ....

      what do u know abt the copyright act ....what do u know abt me ....... i think u are trying to make urself worth enough to give your comments but the reality is u r a wortheless person ...who even doesnot have any ettiquetes of social media far as hindu god & goddess are concern ...thats's none of your business ...lekin ab jab baat utha hi di hai...hindu god & goddess ko itnaa halkaa samajh liyaa hai tum jaiso ne ab hindu god & goddess hi isakaa javaab tumhe denge aur tumhe tumhaari jagah bataaenge tab acche se samajh me aaegaa ... ....don't tell me ki what should i write & what should i not ..... .... get lost ...u wortheless person ...& MADHUBALA IS SOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFULLLLLLL......

  2. very well analysis....nice blog.....
    all points are absolutely correct...keep it up dear

  3. very well written article & a bitter truth of film & tv industry....

  4. very well analysis , specially about vivian dsena :-P

  5. I love the analysis, insight and the amazingly witty article written by you 'the prince of sarcasm'.

  6. i don't like this serial .... 'vivian 'u should be ashamed of urself becoz of ur bad acting skills ...yuck !!!!

    BTW a very nice article' rishabh'....keep blogging :-)
    -Ani Kapur