Friday, 3 August 2012

I hate the letter K ,only because of Ekta

I hate the letter  K ,only because of Ekta

Ekta Kapoor , the producer of K…… series & saas – bahu serials…
Ekta is one & only producer of Indian television industry who
Launches new serial every year with her very old concepts ..i.e, Same story line with just the reordering of the events.I don’t know why some people especially women like & see her serials ?????  waise bhi unme dekhne ko hai hi kya except aise scenes jo family ke saath dekhne par humko entertain karane  ki  jagah ulta  embarrass hi  kar de…….for eg. With her tactics of giving extra attention & presenting long essay kind dialogues in case of scenes like extra marital affairs, the lead actress become pregnant before marriage, young age boy & girl’s lip kissing , wedding knight scenes etc. etc. ……..her serials in my opinion are like a curse & like shit which never comes to end.

kher audience bhi ekta ke extra ‘bold’ …….. oopss!!…bold jaise acche shabad ka galat jagah par use kar diya…..actually I should use the word……… ‘disgusting’….nihayati ghatia kism ke serials se ab audience bhi bore ho  gai hai jiske proof hai ki kahaan ‘Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ around 8 years tak TV par chala to wahi ‘Pyaar ki ye ek kahani’ jaise serials sirf ek saal hi mein off air ho gae………waise bhi Ekta ke serials kaafi predictable ho gae hain….same concept , same story , same mother-in-law & daughter-in-law drama, same vulgour scenes & dialogues……

shayad  Ekta khud ko bahoot smart samajhti hai ….but Ekta if you are reading this post let me clear ……you  are very- very over smart which makes u stand in the line of fools……
At least Some of the specialities of ekta’s serial support my statement .

* The same "K" series all the time, serials except k not working due to the bad luck of ekta.

* The same old concepts [ Ghisi - Piti stories ]

* The same old love triangles and stupid plotting all the time

* Same stories with different casts

* The same old betrayals and heartbreaks by the villain

* The seniormost character of the serial is almost 150-200 years old

* Everyone is married three times minimum and maximum it can be upto five marriages.

* Every alternate day,there's someone getting sued for a murder case or rape case.There's a divorce case filed every 15 days.You get to see the scene in the court almost everyday

* And the most important part is the RETURN OF THE DEAD MAN
..[ ARRE GAJAB] The person who's already passed away returns back with some plastic surgery done,as fit as ever.

* The best part of her serial is the use of various kind of screen effects and background music

* Excessive use of trolley shots.

* Highlighting  the entry of some villain by just showing the shoes or Eyes with beautiful eye-liners,eye-lashes with mascara

* And since some months they have started this new trend of using the latest bollywood song for the lead hero and the main actress.It will go on for approximately 10 minutes and at the end of the show when you sit back and think what was the episode about,you get no answer because the episode was about nothing at all, Just the stupid movie song and the couple dancing on it. [not to mention :it was just a dream ]

* Excessive shoot  of love making scenes…..highlighting the eyes, lips and the actors pretend just after a minute ,they will do everything which is not allowed on national television………
[ special thanks to censor board ]

Agar Ekta ka koi bhi serial dekha jae, she use concept of love in such a pathetic & disgusting manner which is really very shameful and can embarass you like hell if you are watching  her serials with family……basically she uses sex as a weapon to promote her serials .

Iske alawa Ekta ke serials mein jo background music chalta hai wo bhi kahin na kahin cheated hote hai….for instance, ek serial the ‘kahin kissi roz’…usme ek character tha ‘Ramola sikkand’ played by ‘sudha chandran’ .Unki  background music ‘rangeela’ film ke song ‘haaye rama..’ ki starting music se liya gaya tha……

Ek  aur serial tha ‘kya haadsa kya hakeekat’ …usme to black magic jaise superstition ko hi itna highlight kiya gaya tha ki kya kahe shabad hi kam pad jaate hain Ekta ji ki stupidity bayan karte karte ………..

shayad log aaj se 2-3 years pehle Ekta ke serial isliye dekhte hoonge kyunki unke paas jyaada option nahi the….par ab dekhiya ‘pratigya’, ‘maryada’, ‘baalika vadhu’, ‘punnarvivaah’, ‘sajada tere pyaar mein’, etc. jaise inspiring serials viewers ko entertain karne  ke saath social evils ke khilaaf bhi awaaz utha rahe hain……

aur humari Ekta madam wahi ghise pite concepts ….ye shaadi , wo saahdi , ye divorce, wo divorce pata nahi kya kya bakwas dikhati rehti hain ……

aur kya-kya taareef  karein  apki Ekta JI…… I really get fed up with you  & with your serials .

I can’t love you …. I can’t hate you  but only can ignore you because there is nothing special in you are even not as creative as you are hyped so much as queen of  daily soaps.

Well, the TV audience is very intelligent ……..let them decide whether they want to see the development of TV industry as an inspiring , encouraging & knowlegeable medium for the Gen-N or they only want to waste their energy & money on stupid serials of not so creative Ekta JI …..kyunki inke serials ke boring & predictable twist & turns energy waste karenge aur serial ke end ke baad jo sar dard shuru hoga uske liye roj ‘disprin’ lene par money bhi waste hogi …so all u intelligent people I only request you  to stay fit , stay healthy  & wealthy ……………

Note: This post is not to offend anyone's personal likes or encourage anyone's dislikes. It's individual’s opinion and is universally accepted

copyright©2012Rishabh Shukla.All rights reserved



  1. superb analysis on k series serials & the best thing of your articles is the use of hindi + english mix [ hinglish ] language that shows a distinctive style of your writing work

  2. even i also start hating the letter 'k' after reading your highly influential & satirical article on Ekta kapoor.

  3. ilove your blogs a lott...because u always talks politically your honesty....

  4. woww....awesome views here..
    ekta !! r u reading this ??

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